Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well it was Easter a few days ago and i had a good Easter.
We just think of the easter bunny and the presents the money in the Easter eggs thats not what it is about.
It's about Jesus and how he rose from the dead.
That would be so cool to be there when he did rise.
i mean to see someone die and then just going to the grave and an angel comes to you and says fear not for Jesus is risen.
just think of that.
I mean really how cool would that be.
Because now we would not just see someone die and then just rise from the dead.
I love that story about jesus.

Love Maggie

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Polly said...

Death couldn't keep Him and the grave couldn't hold Him. I love that story too Maggie! That's the gospel and I pray that you are always so amazed by it you can't help but share it with everyone. I love you Darling!