Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Blessed We Are!!!!!!

Have you ever thought about how blessed we are?
God could have made us one of those kids sitting on the ground and walking 2 miles to get dirty water to drink.
With a house made out of sticks.
And we could have only one dime.
But that is not how God planned it.
While I was at the beach little kids and grown ups were across the world with no beach nothing but dirt and dirty water.
We could have spent that money on kids but no we did not think of those little kids we were too busy thinking of ourselves.
Like that one little thing that we just "have" to have.
We need to think of others before us.
I"m so excited because next year we will be taking my little African sister down to the beach.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

He's Amazing

Have you ever thought about how amazing Jesus is who could split the sea's who could heal the sick and who could rise from the dead. He is amazing he is perfect he is sinless he is brighter than the sun he is God.
He hung on the cross when he had done nothing wrong for us.
People spit on him the beat him and he did it for us.
He rose from the dead three days later.
We could never love him as much as he loves us.
He's amazing.