Friday, February 19, 2010

Ice Skating

Me and some of my friends went ice skating it was very fun.
I fell 4 times but it was still fun.
well first my friend started to push me then i fell.
We went and ate at a wing place it was very good.
Then we went ice skating.
I had a great time.
There were TONS of people there.
We saw a few people that were really good.
There was this one guy there that was really good but his dance was really weir half the time.
When i get there i have to get used to it but it does not take me long to get it.
I like to go ice skating.
And the reason we went is because we were watching the olympics ice skate and i said i had not been in a while.
and i am glad we were watching them.
well i guess thats it.

love maggie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day

It's going to be Valentines day Sunday.
I am very excited about it.
Because i get to make valentine's and get valentine's.
It just seems so fun.
Valentine's day is one of my favorite occasions.
I like to see all the pretty hearts and other stuff around the town.
I went today and got all my friends some cards at target.
and that is all because of Jesus because if did not die on the cross then we would not be here.
I thank God all the time for what great friends and family i have.

Love Maggie

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joy's baby

We met someone new her name is joy.
She is going to have a baby boy and she has nothing for him.
And if you can buy something for him that would be great.
It could be slightly used.
But i will name some stuff that you could get him.

burp cloth

You can get him anything that you thinks he needs.
And you can get him the stuff that i just named.
It does not matter.

Thank You

Love Maggie

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Please pray for Haiti they are in a dangerous place as the earthquake hit there. There are kids trying to find there family's body's. They are waiting to be saved by a ship they just wait till there turn to get on. They can not find there sister's brother's or even there parents. They need to find Jesus. They are sitting there drinking water from mud puddle's. They are crying hurting and even being killed. There are kids there my age that cant find there parents food or a clean glass of water. We are sitting here in are warm house with a kitchen to get a drink and food from when they are out there wondering a round in there town with nothing. Please just pray for them and that they will find a home.

Love Maggie