Friday, December 12, 2008

Jessie's Place

Last Sunday I went to this place it was called Jessie's Place. Jessie's Place is a home for women and children who are homeless. I went with my mom, Mrs. Brittnie, my friend, Jadon and Mrs. Lynsey and Mrs. Kari. We took coloring books and books that you can read and you can just look at the books. We took candy and food that's good for you too. There was a little boy his name was A.J. He was really nice at first but then when you get to know him he's really wild. Well when we first got there A.J. grabbed my finger and took me to the kitchen. Then a few minute's later he got really wild. Then me and Jadon met this boy his name was Nathan. He could run very fast. Jadon is really fast too and he could barely beat him. Then it was time to eat and we served dinner to all the moms and their kids. A.J. didn't want to eat. He wanted to play.  We played in the playroom with A.J. and Nathan.  After we did all that other stuff it was time to go but I did not want to go. We had a lot of fun that day then we went to eat with our friends.I had a lot of fun and now we are going to go every month. Well I don't know about all the other people but I hope they go too. Please pray for the women and children at Jessie's Place. (you can drop off food or toys there anytime you want to)